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Fwd: Cause and mission of the Lord

Fri, 2 Feb 2024 16:14:41 +0100

Ursula Sabisch 



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Cause and order of the Lord

Fri, 2 Feb 2024 16:13:49 +0100

Ursula Sabisch 


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Dr Matthias-Johannes Fischer

Heinrich-Bruening-Straße 9, 53113 Bonn, Germany



Germany, Luebeck, 02 February 2024

  The German-language document you may find here!


We all cherry-pick the best and of course turn with the wind so that we don't sink!           


Dear Dr M.-J. Fischer, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

It is time for you and everyone else, and especially for the institution of the church, to finally receive something particularly valuable and good to think about and to act in the right and future-oriented way!  

This news should be the beginning of the dirty end, especially for our Roman Catholic Church, and this dirty end should mean the beginning or a new start for a future worth living for all people. Of course, a lot is written about all sorts of topics in your portal too, but many or most opinions and facts are very strongly influenced by the media, and in the end you will only go round in circles!    

Only whe someone is able to present very valuable material on the Internet, which does not happen every day, do these facts and wisdoms quickly disappear, even though daily events clearly and demonstrably confront humanity with these facts* and people* are overwhelmed by them.     

Let's take the example of Dr Henrich Vegan - Dr Henrich Foundation (dr-med-henrich.foundation) and take a look at the content of his homepage! How can it happen that someone like Dr Heinrich is simply ignored and probably more or less ridiculed when he can clearly prove with facts why this great famine still exists in the world today and why it has even intensified!  

This can no longer be right!      

My person can also demonstrably provide extremely important wisdom and information in connection with the cycle of life, which becomes very clear when others try to ridicule people like mine, to make them untrustworthy or to destroy them!     

But as a church, you are of course above all that, aren't you?    

But as the one institution, the Church, you naturally let Hans and Franz dictate to you which laws have legal validity for people and which should probably not be applied, or is it something else? So the Roman Catholic Church lets every imaginable greenhorn onto the political stage, usually without any demonstrable competence, and off we go, or rather the laws for the population or constitutional amendments are passed or enshrined at the discretion of the population polls or according to the wind.     

However, the cycle of life or other cycles such as the global economic cycle are not asked about and certainly not acted upon, but people live for the moment, or is that not the case?

And now we ask ourselves how or who has organised or managed all this and more!     

But now we come to the role of the Church, which you have described so impressively on your Internet portal katholisch.de: "The fact that the Church has existed as a community for over 2000 years now is thanks to its institutionalisation. As a socially organised entity based on the Christian faith, the church plays a role worldwide. The church as an organised form of a Christian religious community is diverse, both nationally and internationally. In Germany, there are the Catholic and Protestant churches. The legal and organisational separation of church and state is enshrined in the constitutional law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The social importance of the churches and their activities for the common good are held in high esteem by the state, which is why they are recognised as corporations under public law. With the fundamental right of freedom of religion, the Federal Republic of Germany guarantees the churches and other religious communities the freedom to fulfil their own tasks independently, taking into account the generally applicable law.

The Catholic Church consists of 27 ecclesiastical administrative districts, known as dioceses and archbishoprics. The individual dioceses consist of pastoral care units, which are organised differently depending on their size or regional requirements. The dioceses or dioceses are led by bishops who are all members of the German Bishops' Conference."     


It is an extremely succinct and well-formulated clear description of the role of the Church, which can also be categorised as a successful alibi function of the Church, because behind this expert formulation alone it is clear that the Church employs lawyers to deal with this matter. This and much more is something quite sad and pathetic for a real religious community or religion!      

Why do you as a Catholic and you as an institution, the Church, still need the Ten Commandments? For what and for whom exactly do you need these commandments? The greenhorns of today have long since created their own commandments and you and others know this very well, because otherwise you would not need to have lawyers draft a well-formulated description of the role of the church, because then you would be or live "church"!     

Please read the above-mentioned role of the church again very carefully, whereby my person has marked the decisive sentence in bold and underlined the presumptuous subsequent sentence of the FRG. And that answers the question above, because you have, now formulated in plain language, given the devil free rein!     

You as a Catholic and you as the institution of the Roman Catholic Church also bear the responsibility for the greenhorns of the FRG and all the other Christian-influenced forms of government by those in power, such as the American President Mr J. Beiden.    

And if you could afford ten times better lawyers than my person, you as a community of the Holy Church and as Roman Catholic clergymen in the Highest Place will not be able to discharge the responsibility without further ado and not even through a good lawyer! Start as the responsible persons with this homepage of my person, Home (ursula-cum-clavatore.de) where you will also find a link on a page that will lead you to two already written bills for the two big Christian churches.     

As a church with an exemplary function, you, together with the whole of Christendom, will immediately find a start in this "pigsty" by immediately and verifiably ending hunger in the world on the spot in the famine areas of Africa or Asia by the bearers of the goods and money! Woe betide you and others if you allow a single person in the world to starve to death, woe betide you and others!     

My person will be in a position to deprive or ration you and everyone else of food and drinking water and how this is made possible can be read on my homepage. You and others can be sure that this will happen one way or another and you as the clergy are also affected and can no longer do anything about it!   

   With kind regards   

Ursula Sabisch, Empress