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Earthquake Series

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the World Meteorological Organisation

7 to Avenue de la Paix

CH- 1211 Geneva 2   


To the Royal Danish Embassy

Rauchstr. 1

10787 Berlin


Luebeck, Monday, October 25, 2004

Free English translation on 2 August 2021.

Earthquake Series or Series of Earthquakes

Please, let that German-language letter be translated into many different languages and be handed over to the correspondingly places.

Dear Geologists, Dear Climatologists, Dear Meteorologists, Dear Sirs!

As already suspected, my person must once again link up with those letters that touch on the stability and elasticity of the earth's crust. As a layperson, but as an Empress, one can observe that the earthquakes have continued in series and have been joined by various volcanic eruptions, which show different reactions.

These volcanoes in particular, which release large amounts of water vapour into the atmosphere, also particularly affect the storm disasters, since the enormous amounts of water vapour in combination with the artificially enriched carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will cause it to return somewhere as precipitation.

The enormous amount of magma melting from the earth, which will probably not only come from the earth's crust, but will probably already affect the Moho-discontinuity and the earth's mantle, are also very worrying, especially because this will create corresponding cavities somewhere, as the earth's interior cannot regenerate by filling up again.

For this and other reasons, my person would like to point out once again that underground nuclear tests in particular can be triggers for the beginning of the final bang. Furthermore, at this advanced stage, it is important that the exploitation of the earth is slowly but continuously reduced by all continents at the same time; especially the liquid and gaseous substances should also be reduced in this way and only extracted as necessary.

For this reason, a worldwide agreement and understanding must be reached without delay.

There is a person, King Juergen, who is meant for this task, to take over the central leadership before it will be too late! My person has been endeavouring for year and day to run via oversized range over the TV stations of the earth, so that the danger in which mankind finds itself is recognised. It would be important that now also mankind helps a little in this endeavour*, because the time pressure has become quite considerable, because already another earthquake reached the island state of Japan with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale, which my person had feared for a long time.

These series will quite obviously intensify and they will occur at shorter intervals, whereby, as has already happened, the epicentre will also be in regions that are generally not earthquake-prone.

These are all clear signs that the end is approaching with giant strides.

Only an united front and leadership can steer this imminent end into a possible new beginning, although each state will have to deal with this individually. The core of the matter, however, must be brought down to a common denominator and this denominator is also the recycling of materials and no further mining of all raw materials. Consider also that the nuclear waste deposits must be checked for their pressure, especially those that will probably still be on the seabed!

Here, too, a global basis must be found that relates to the truth.

The states that are guilty in this regard should now, at the latest, be able to correctly assess the seriousness of the situation and strive to name all of these waste dumps, including those stored on the seabed, so that no final strike can be made from ambush. The same applies to some extent to terrorism, as terrorists today can equip themselves with nuclear weapons or weapons that could cause a huge shock wave.

The earth can no longer afford this at this advanced stage and so, among other things, it should be possible to trace such preparations for attacks via TV, but for this it would certainly be advisable for my person to change location so as not to get into any further entanglements and so as to be able to continue along this aforementioned path. The place for this project has already been targeted (HH)* and the progress in the matter has already been determined, which is based on a factual foundation.

As one can recognise and follow, it regularly happens at certain border points of the continental plates that where there was a storm disaster, there is also an earthquake. These boundary points are to be named where the Earth's plates abut or collide.

That is to say, for the Caribbean plate boundary one can name, for example, the island state of Haiti, for the Philippine plate boundary one can name Japan, and one should conclude that for the Arabian and Iranian plate boundary the city of Istanbul will follow and that a tremendous catastrophe will occur there in the foreseeable future through an earthquake, which fits into the scheme according to the observations of the entire progress of the series.

Thus, at this stage, a certain system can be discerned, which will no longer be possible to determine as the series progresses through the strengthening of the hypocentres. In Istanbul, the general fabric of most of the houses is very precarious, so it will be too early for a miracle and probably too late for a restructuring of the housing estates. A timely evacuation could be considered, in that you and others could be informed of the imminent dangers in time by means of the Monumental-Area (Nuclear tests via TV)* to save many thousands of lives.

As a professional, I would try to scout out the system of the earthquake series. Furthermore, I would ensure that the system* remains so in 2004* by preventing further deterioration. I would immediately have the known weaknesses and intensified causes of the earthquakes remedied or terminated as far as possible, causing these reactions, which my person has disclosed through several letters!

P. p. Empress

HP: 2016 There is no reason for scaremongering, but there are sufficient reasons for a turning point in contemporary history, which should be recognised as soon as possible and the corresponding dangers averted!

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